Managing Partner. Attorney with more than 10 years of experience as a lawyer. He gained professional experience in leading law firms in Poland. He specializes in legal service of current business with a high degree of complexity, strategic consulting, negotiation processes.
He deals with cases that are unusual and so complex that their nature goes beyond the standard legal advisory services. His interests include real estate law and issues related to the handling of construction investments, and in particular the handling of the land development process. In his work, he combines the activity of legal consulting for entrepreneurs with the practical use of experience in project management. His broad specialization is the result of many years of study, work and extensive experience in a wide range of legal and business activities.


Doctoral student at the Department of Civil Procedure at Adam Mickiewicz University. He prepared his doctoral thesis on the subject of the European certificate of inheritance, taking into account aspects of succession planning and succession in a business, so that the assets and the business carried out are smoothly transferred to successors.