Corporate disputes

The firm has extensive experience in providing legal support to participants in disputes between partners (shareholders) and shareholders and corporate bodies. In our activities, we strive to resolve disputes amicably without harming the company, with the aim of preserving its operations and good reputation at an unwavering level.

To this end, we negotiate and create legal constructions to end disputes in the form of divestiture of shares (stocks) of companies, demerger of companies, repayment of existing shareholders or disposal of an organized part of enterprises.

How we can help

  • Legal audit of the company to uncover possible abuses and acts to the detriment of the shareholder / company;
  • Exercise for the shareholder the right of control - examination of the company's books and records;
  • Representation of shareholders at shareholders' meetings (general meetings of shareholders);
  • Challenging resolutions of the shareholders' meeting;
  • Defense against corporate blackmail and hostile takeovers;
  • Conducting lawsuits on the dissolution of the company or exclusion of a partner;
  • Agreements that end disputes between shareholders, also resulting in business demergers and asset transactions.

Bartosz Nadra

Attorney | Managing Partner

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Lukasz Jaskowiak

Attorney | Managing Partner

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See the effects of our activities

Hostile takeover on the WSE

A lawyer from the firm was involved in the hostile takeover of a joint stock company listed on the WSE by another joint stock company also listed on the WSE and the related whole spectrum of court and out-of-court disputes successfully concluded.

Challenging resolutions excluding profit from distribution

The firm's lawyer was involved in a lawsuit challenging resolutions excluding the company's profit from distribution to the detriment of a minority shareholder.

ZPUE minority shareholder dispute ("yacht case")

The law firm represented ZPUE S.A.'s minority shareholders in the exercise of their rights related to the exchange of information, including explanations made outside the AGM by the Board of Directors, including with regard to the now famous yacht leased by the Company.

Dispute resolution at technology company

The law firm played a significant role in the resolution of a corporate dispute in an innovative combustion technology company. The team led by attorney Bartosz Nadra drafted and led to the conclusion of the shareholders' agreement and then coordinated the execution of the 5 steps of the agreement by the shareholders, resulting in the adoption of new corporate governance rules, compliance procedures and the restoration of trust between shareholders.