Online complaint report form until 15.02.2024.

Financial Ombudsman on its website has published a new online form for the report submitted by financial market operators on complaints and litigation.

The form must be submitted online by 15.02.2024.

We would like to remind you that a factoring company is subject to the provisions of the Act of August 5, 2015 on the Processing of Complaints by Financial Market Operators and the Financial Ombudsman (hereinafter: "the Act"). A factoring service provider (which is not a Bank), according to the Banking Law, is a financial institution, i.e. an entity that is neither a bank nor a credit institution, whose primary activity that is the source of most of its revenue is the performance of business activities. Thus, a factoring company, as a financial institution, is a subject of the financial market, with which the Law entails certain legal consequences. We wrote more extensively about the factoring company's complaint procedure and its legal basis in this article.

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