OCC in q3/2023 increasingly active in fight against congestion

The OCCP has already issued 50 decisions on payment congestion in 2023. Of which almost half q3/2023. More than 100 entities have also received "soft summonses."

According to the OCCP, among the entities against which decisions have been issued in recent months are also large, recognizable companies, including Boryszew, AmRest, Grodno, Brembo Poland, GPD, Hanplast, Hurtap, Paccor Polska, Polaqua, Kuehne+Nagel - as you can see, also public (listed) companies. Tomasz Chróstny, president of the OCCP, declared in a public statement that based on the new regulations the penalties will be even higher than before. In the case of 10 companies, the president of the OCCP also found the existence of payment congestion, but at the same time there were grounds in these cases that obliged him to waive the monetary sanction.

The numerous (more than 100) soft summonses also indicate the possibility of further proceedings and penalties. Administrative proceedings will be initiated against entrepreneurs who have not responded to the OCCP president's call or who continue to create payment congestion, the consequence of which may be the imposition of a financial penalty on the company.

As my own subjective comment - it is worth adding that the information titled. "the big one doesn't pay" or takes goods on almost unlimited trade credit ("until it sells") is an increasingly common excuse for non-payment in the SME segment. This therefore seems consistent with the problem facing the OCC, especially since with interest rates and the cost of money in recent times - the use of capital of a weaker, smaller entity undoubtedly gives an unjustified advantage to the largest entrepreneurs in the industry. In extreme cases, this leads to restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings that demolish the entire payment chain under established, or dominant, entities.

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