Managing Partner. Legal Counsel. Present on the legal services market since 2009. The main areas of specialization are: litigation, transport law (with particular emphasis on public mass transport) and financial law. Specialization is the result of many years of study, work and, above all, accumulated legal and business experience.

He handles complex projects combining various branches of law. He assists clients during negotiations, mediation and arbitration. He has experience in leading teams of lawyers in servicing the largest business entities in Poland.

In supporting Clients, he relies on initiative and a comprehensive approach. For him, a modern lawyer is a proactive lawyer who knows the industry in which the Client operates no worse than the Client himself. He believes that the role of a lawyer is first and foremost to protect the Client from problems, and not only to react to litigious situations.

Author of numerous press publications and training courses, speaker at many industry events.


Graduate of the Faculty of Law at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. For passing the professional exam with the best score in 2016, he received the award of the Dean of the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisors in Poznan. Member of the OIRP in Poznań.