Who are we?

Jaskowiak Nadra Business Attorneys  is the law firm of the latest generation, which was created from the need to introduce changes and build quality from scratch. We will understand your business and suggest a new quality of its service. Our clients come from various industries - including real estate, financial, IT, commercial and production, automotive, finetech, medical. We also serve individual investors - especially on the real estate market.

What makes us different?

We are business lawyers, because we serve business in the way that business requires of us, putting new demands and expectations to which we adapt, because we are flexible. You will not receive from us 50-page legal opinions with Latin quotes, understood only for their author. We provide pragmatic services. We respect your time. We go beyond the scope of the legal service defined so far.

Why do we value time?

Because it is better to prevent than cure. Downplaying your company's legal threats at this stage can cost you lots of time in the future. And in business time is money. When a problem occurs, every second counts - we will stop the clock for you.